Bat For Lashes
Sexwitch 01.jpg
Writer(s) Alexander Skip Spence
Producer(s) Dan Carey
Released 25 September 2015
Recorded 2015
Length 4:47
SEXWITCH track listing
"Ghoroobaa Ghashangan" -

"War In Peace" is the closing track on Sexwitch's self-titled album, SEXWITCH. It's a cover of an American song with the same name by Alexander Skip Spence.


Although most of the songs on the album are from the Middle East, this is an American song, and Natasha said:[1]

[Skip Spence’s] “War and Peace”—that’s an American song, I found that separately and brought it to the table. It’s from a similar era, I think they sit together quite nicely.


It's a joy to know you're resting in peace
War in peace, what a funny combination
Will come to separation
Since you believe

Good old spice it's nice to see you last, you're ahead
War in peace, what a funny combination
Will come to your coronation
This is clear

It's a joy to see you in your red risen dead
Risen dead will cross another generation
And the cosmic federation
Sees you clear


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