Bat For Lashes

"The Bride" is a character on the universe of Bat For Lashes' fourth album, The Bride. She is portrayed by Natasha Khan.


On March 9, 2016, Natasha shares a video of this character on her social media for the first time, in this video, The Bride is seen lying on a road while a car lights her up and drives away at the same time.[1]

On the 10th of the same month Natasha shares another video where you can see a dark night on an unknown road, The Bride obtains several shots inside a vintage car and turns on the radio, since then the era of the fourth began Bat For Lashes studio album, The Bride.[2]


The Bride is introduced as a white woman of medium height with a personality that reflects the abrupt mood swings that a person can present in a given space and time.


The life of The Bride before the wedding day is unknown, like most of the characters created by Natasha Khan, however she is one of the most developed characters on the album. The story of The Bride can be divided into four parts (The Wedding Day, The Accident and Anger, The Sadness, The End).

The Wedding Day[]

It ranges from the opening track of the album, “I Do” to the third track, “Joe's Dream”. The Bride is anxious to know that the next day she would marry the love of her life, however, Joe (her fiancé) had a premonitory dream that same night where he dreamed that he died due to a car accident on the way to church where they would marry. The next day, The Bride waits for her in the Church but Joe does not come and his dream had materialized.

The Accident and Anger[]

It ranges from the track fourth of the album, “Honeymooning Alone” to the sixth track, “Never Forgive The Angels”. The Bride, brokenhearted, leaves the church and embarks on a honeymoon alone. One of the first feelings she presents is Anger at the thought that she was so close to her happiness but that the reason for it was snatched from her side. On “Never Forgive The Angels”, the Bride mourns the groom's death and blames it on the angels and the higher force.

The Sadness[]

It ranges from the seventh track of the album, “Close Encounters” to the tenth track, “If I Knew”. At the beginning of this new stage, The Bride presents a feeling of sexual desire with the “Close Encounters” track, a clearly loving feeling, but then she develops despair and sadness. Natasha introduces the stereotype of "The Widow" and then breaks the prejudices about it. Leaving a hopeful message in “If I Knew” about how The Bride learns to continue living despite the great difficulties of life.

The End[]

It ranges from the eleventh track of the album, “I Will Love Again” to the bonus track, “Clouds”. Finally The Bride feels capable of loving someone again, despite having gone through everything, she feels that she does not want to go back in time but now wants to continue living, now she feels purified and able to rebuild her life.