Bat For Lashes
Bat For Lashes

Robert Damian Ellis (born 13 February 1962, in Bristol, England) is a producer, arranger, instrumentalist and composer. He is best known for his work with PJ Harvey, with whom he has been most closely associated as producer, arranger and musician since 1990.

Work with Bat For Lashes[]

Songs from The Haunted Man:

  • "Oh Yeah" (additional producer, marimba, drums)
  • "The Haunted Man" (additional production on choral arrangement, choral singer)

Khan paid to go to Italy with David Kosten, Rob Ellis, and a choirmaster. For The Haunted Man’s title track, they achieved Khan’s desired sound of chanting soldiers marching over a hill by recording the men singing three-part harmonies from the edge of a canyon, their voices ricocheting back off of the opposite cliff face.[1]

I saw him at a time when I was struggling a little with my album alone at home. I was alone and stressed. So he said to me, "let's go to a beautiful studio, in the countryside, let's go to Italy!" I couldn't refuse. We put together a list of ten musicians that we liked, to take them with us. And then we left and found ourselves in this huge room filled with instruments of all kinds. Guitars, synths, pianos, percussion... the ten musicians came and we started playing my songs, then we jammed. This is where we recorded the men's choir we hear on the record. We sang on the cliff and recorded the echo that came back to us. It was to represent the men coming back from war over the hills, so it fit very well. We had a lot of fun. It is good sometimes to go back to childhood a bit and experience things.[2]


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