Bat For Lashes

Nikki Pink, sometimes called just Nikki, is a character and a fantasy version of Natasha Khan created for her fifth album Lost Girls, also being the protagonist of the mentioned album.


Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, reveals the video for 'Kids In The Dark' and her Lost Girls gang as she directs and stars in this first visual for her fifth album. The video is shot against the hills of Los Angeles, with the mysterious light of the evening shading the proceedings, and features Nikki Pink alongside the Lost Girls. In June, Natasha featured tantalizing clues on social media in the form of video and photography, and the mysterious Lost Girls phone line was flooded with strange and intriguing #batphoners messages about Nikki's whereabouts.[1]


Like most of the characters created by Natasha Khan, Nikki's entire past is unknown, so the album focuses more on her relationship with her boyfriend Michael and the Lost Girls.

Nikki is obsessed with phenomena and alien sightings and goes on these forums online where people go and find out if these phenomenal things really exist.[2]

Nikki's missing poster

Nikki kept in touch with Michael via online, so they never met personally until Nikki moves to Los Angeles and Michael is waiting for her at the airport.[3] He picks her up from the airport and the two decide to go on a X-Files-esque trip trying to find out about the lost girls gang.[2] Nikki suddenly disappears and then Michael decides to distribute flyers throughout the city to help him find out the whereabouts of his beloved.[4]

Nikki, obviously disoriented in the city, meets the gang "Lost Girls" who join her to their group and finally end up turning her into a vampire. During the Kids In The Dark video, all the aforementioned happens, including that she finally manages to find Michael and both are now in love, only Michael does not seem to know that Nikki is now a vampire.