Neil Krug is an American director, photographer and artist based in Los Angeles. He has worked with Bat For Lashes from 2014 to the present to do shoots for her major-label album The Bride. Krug has also worked with Natasha for magazine shoots and other promotional images. He took the single cover photo of "We've Only Just Begun".

Shoot #1 (Unknown, 2014) for YMC campaign[edit | edit source]

Shoot #2 (August, 2015) for "SEXWITCH"[edit | edit source]

Media use[edit | edit source]

Shoots #2 (Unknown, 2016) for The Bride[edit | edit source]

#1[edit | edit source]

#2[edit | edit source]

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#4 (Album booklet)[edit | edit source]

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#6 (for The Guardian)[edit | edit source]

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