Bat For Lashes
He saw angels at his bedroom door

"Magenta Mysteries" is the trinity of women on the universe of Bat For Lashes' fourth album, The Bride.


On June 3, 2016, Bat For Lashes shared a screenshot of the “Sunday Love” music video with a description that read: “Magenta mysteries... 🌷🌷🌷 #sundaylove #new #video #batforlashes” so it is believed that these characters are called that.[1] Women are only seen and depicted in the "Sunday Love" music video and are not featured in any other The Bride media.

Physical appearance[]

The women are introduced to the story as apathetic white angels with magenta colored clothes that hide their hair and neck, also wearing white leggings that seem to have a certain shiny material.


The origin of these three women is unknown, like most of the characters created by Natasha, however they are believed to be representations of angels (They were called “silent angels of death” by AllAroundNewMusic).[2]

During the music video for “Sunday Love”, the only video where they appear, they are shown apathetic to Joe's face of horror, and even though they follow him then they disappear once The Bride appears.

While the “Sunday Love” video is just a graphic representation of Joe's dream the night before his wedding day, it is unknown why there are a number of three angels/women and the lights that Joe chases in the desert to death in the arms of his beloved, probably referring to “the Birth, Growth and Death” or “the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit”. They may also represent Joe's fears.

On “Never Forgive The Angels”, the Bride mourns the groom's death and blames it on the angels and the higher force.