Bat For Lashes

"Lost Girls" is a gang of women on the universe of Bat For Lashes's fifth album, Lost Girls


Bat For Lashes, aka Natasha Khan, reveals the video for 'Kids In The Dark' and her Lost Girls gang as she directs and stars in this first visual for her fifth album. The video is shot against the hills of Los Angeles, with the mysterious light of the evening shading the proceedings, and features Nikki Pink alongside the Lost Girls. In June, Natasha featured tantalizing clues on social media in the form of video and photography, and the mysterious Lost Girls phone line was flooded with strange and intriguing #batphoners messages about Nikki's whereabouts.[1]

Nikki Pink and the Lost Girls are featured in the only two music videos on the album, being the main characters in the plot.

Natasha shared the names of the gang members on July 9, 2019 with a couple of individual photos on her social media.[2]


The Lost Girls are introduced to history as beautiful young women who usually wear leather and black jeans, they usually use a scarf with which they cover their hair, their eyes are outlined in black and their lips are usually painted red or cream colors. They are characterized by carrying strange black plastic strips of knots in their hands.


There are 8 members of the club, 7 girls and Nikki Pink. To date there are no official photos of Jasmine but Natasha in an interview with NPR clarified that she belongs to the gang. The official names of the girls will be listed below along with their respective photos.