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LIGHT BEINGS by Natasha Khan for DITA Eyewear

Light Beings is a 3-minute short film written and directed by Natasha Khan for DITA Eyewear, with soundtrack created by Khan and The Haxan Cloak.[1] It premiered on YouTube on 12 February 2018. It stars Margaret Qualley and Jamie Strachan.

Khan told Lief London:

"I would love the viewer to feel a sense of peace, calm, mystery... to ponder for themselves, perhaps, the back story of these two beings. What their history might have been and where they will end up. I wanted to immerse the viewer in another place, a feeling that is beyond the everyday, a love story that has layers of hopefully more than meets the eye."[2]


"Light Beings" sets out to explore a tale of magnetic attraction. Once a year, lovers meet within an ancient rocky landscape, a secret place of ritual. Margaret's character embarks on a journey to reunite with her light being, transfixed by his light forms and healed by his mystical powers, silent and still, they embrace in a dance of love and loss. The result is a spectacular, beautiful story that is simultaneously familiar yet alien, a tale told only the way that Khan could tell it.


Khan directing Light Beings

Khan revealed in an interview what inspired the narrative:

“I went to that swimming hole several times over the summer and watched people jumping in from different heights. I wondered how it would be to go there alone and see someone jumping and for something magical to happen as a result. The story then became about meeting places for lovers, about time and worlds separating them. If you were in love with an alien being, where would you secretly meet?”[3]

She further revealed what inspired the script:

“This script is based on the personal experiences between myself, Meng-Chia and two close friends. Everything in the film has happened to someone we know; it’s like a friendzone documentary.”[3]


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