Bat For Lashes

"Joe" is a character on the universe of Bat For Lashes' fourth album, The Bride. He is portrayed by Jeff Ward.[1]


Joe is only seen and represented on the “Sunday Love” music video and is not featured in any more The Bride media, with only his name mentioned on “Joe's Deam”.

Natasha said:[2]

“He was supposed to die, but I feel like they made a spiritual contract, where he made a roadmap for her of this honeymoon they were supposed to go on but he knew he was never going to go on it. It’s almost the perfect journey that he knows as a soul she needs to go on to become a fully-fledged woman and to find happiness.”


Joe is introduced to the story like a handsome young man with brown hair and blue eyes, the music video for “Sunday Love” and the lyrics of the album reflect in him a loving and quite fearful personality, it also seems that he possessed a certain gift of premonitory dreams due to the fact that The night before their wedding he dreamed that he was going to die.


None is known about Joe's life prior to his ill-fated wedding and death.

The night before his marriage with the Bride, he tells her he had a foreboding dream that something bad was going to happen, so he is comforted by her on “Joe's Dream”. On the day of their wedding, he leaves the Bride waiting on the altar until news broke that he died on a car accident in Piney Point[3] on his way to the church. The Bride, brokenhearted, leaves the church and embarks on a honeymoon alone.

On “Never Forgive The Angels”, the Bride mourns the groom's death and blames it on the angels and the higher force.


  1. Jeff Ward portrayed Joe on the "Sunday Love" music video.
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