Bat For Lashes

"Jasmine" is a character on the universe of Bat For Lashes's fifth album, Lost Girls. She is portrayed by unknown.


When asked about how much was Natasha Khan’s perspective or her protagonist’s (Nikki Pink) on the songwriting for Lost Girls during her September 13, 2019 interview with Women In Pop, Khan explained this song in particular:

“Jasmine is a spoken word, film noir song about this girl that goes round killing men at night, burying their bodies at the bottom of a cemetery. Obviously that’s not me but there’s an aspect to it where I feel that way sometimes when I’m walking around at night, stalking.”

She's actually the main protagonist in this script that Natasha working. She just finished a scriptwriting course at UCLA.


Jasmine is introduced to the story as a beautiful young woman who can seduce whoever she wants, however, her personality is purely cold and murderous whoever stands in her way. Natasha only shared a couple of images on her Instagram so the woman in the image is believed to be Jasmine.[1]


A girl kind of much like the heady scent of jasmine that you get in LA in the summertime that sort of perfumes the night. But she's kind of a serial killer that stalks LA. She kills people and buries them in iconic places like Hollywood Forever Cemetery. And so yeah, she's one of the vampire gang. But it's kind of a microcosmic narrative story within that idea.[2]