Bat For Lashes

Fur and Gold is the debut album by Bat For Lashes, released on 11 September 2006 through Echo. It was re-released in 2007 by Parlophone.


The album revolves around the dream world, anthropomorphized animals, wizards, lost love and souls.[1]

Recorded in one month in London and Brighton,[2] Natasha co-produced the album with David Kosten (Faultline). Recurrent themes of natural forces and animal kingdoms, rugged English cliff tops and engulfing oceans – highlighted on the lament 'Seal Jubilee', are juxtaposed by the energy of rough urban living, teenage bedrooms and the freedom of California highways. Josh T Pearson (Lift To Experience) guests, adding guitar and vocals on three tracks – the brooding live favorite 'Trophy', 'Seal Jubilee' and the finale 'I Saw A Light', adding the kind of hymns and chaos that only the son of a preacher could provide.

"Especially for the first album, it's something that has been living with you for awhile, and it has developed all of your life to that point. When I went in to the do the album, I had pages of notes," she admits. "Each song had quotes from different films that made me think of it and different sounds and visual images and bits of poetry and drawings. I'll build up from the roots this certain part of the universe, and each song forms a part, and it has all of its own characters and colors. I think when I went in, the producer I worked with [David Kosten] was pleasantly shocked that I was so prepared. He said that he'd never seen that before," she laughs. "But it was also important that there was an element of spontaneity and experimentation, as well, because otherwise you'd miss out on all of the intuitive things that you try."[1]

Khan told in a 2012 interview:

"In the first album it was very much my vivid imaginary world, which was very internal, very much based on dreams and subconscious things and imagery."[2]

Natasha was approached by a LA film company to do a musical about the album, but it was shelved because film productions cost a lot of money and she didn't have the funding as the album wasn't number 1 in the US charts.[3]


The album's first single, "The Wizard", was released on 8 May 2006 on seven-inch vinyl through Khan's own imprint, She Bear Records, and Echo.[4] The second single, "Trophy", was released on 30 October 2006, containing the B-side "Howl."[5] The third single, "Prescilla", was released digitally on 3 March 2007. For the release, the song was reworked with a horn section.[6] The fourth and final single, "What's a Girl to Do?", was released on 9 July 2007.[7]

Track listing[]

All songs are written and composed by Natasha Khan

No. Title Length
1. "Horse and I"   3:04
2. "Trophy"   4:00
3. "Tahiti"   3:38
4. "What's a Girl to Do?"   2:58
5. "Sad Eyes"   4:16
6. "The Wizard"   4:17
7. "Prescilla"   3:34
8. "Bat's Mouth"   4:25
9. "Seal Jubilee"   4:44
10. "Sarah"   3:48
11. "I Saw a Light"   6:24
Total length:

US edition and iTunes Store bonus track

No. TitleWriter(s)Producer Length
12. "I'm On Fire"  Bruce SpringsteenDavid Dickey 3:31
Total length: