Bat For Lashes
Bat For Lashes
The Haunted Man cover.jpg
Bat For Lashes
Writer(s) Natasha Khan
Producer(s) Natasha Khan
David Kosten
Dan Carey
Released 12 October 2012
Recorded DK's Studio, London and Mr Dans, London
Length 6:20
The Haunted Man track listing
"Rest Your Head" "Lumen"

"Deep Sea Diver" is the closing track (on the standard edition) of Bat For Lashes' third album, The Haunted Man.


"Deep Sea Diver" has a lot of sea imagery in the lyrics because when Natasha wrote the album she was living by the sea.[1] The loop heard throughout the song was created by looping the sound of the harmonium pedals.[1] As explained by Natasha, the song is about "tasting the rich, good things in life—the small but rich things."[2]

This wasn't written as a closing song, and for a while I didn't know what the last song would be. As it developed, I really like the ambient layering. It's a comforting song for me, it sets everything back to neutral. It's a good cuddle at the end of the album. It built-up slowly with loads of layers. The beginning of the song has a really important refrain: Let your hair down, throw your head back, relax, it's alright. By the end the music takes over and it's called Deep Sea Diver. Maybe you're on your own, feeling really good sitting at the bottom of the sea![3]

The song was performed live for the first time on 9 April 2020 on a livestream concert.[4]


You came running out of the dark
With the tears in your eyes
This time I'm not afraid
Cause my heart's ablaze

Baby, throw your head back
Let your hair down

Baby, let your hair down
It's time to get enchanted
You're a deep sea diver
Tides are turning in your favour

You came running out of the dark
With the tears in your eyes
And the moth and the moon saw
A new religion being born

Baby, let your head fall back
And laugh like you never
Tasted such a good thing on your tongue
Baby, let your scream come
Baby, let your scream come

Said you'd been taken over
By a deeper animal
You'd been changed
What's grown up around you
Is a different skin
You thought I wouldn't know your face

Baby, if you can't see out
Know that I can hear you shout
And darling if you can't see out
You know that I can hear you shout