Bat For Lashes
Bat For Lashes
Writer(s) Natasha Khan
Producer(s) Natasha Khan
Released 2008
Recorded 2006-7
Length 03:33

"Circle Song" is an unreleased song performed by Bat For Lashes. It was included on Chrysalis Music's 2008 Sundance Film Festival promo CD, credited as a "non LP track".[1]


The lyrics are in French. Little is known about the song, but it can be inferred that it was recorded around the same time as her Fur And Gold album. This is because the song is in the said album’s vein of imagery.


Alors, j'ai l'histoire d'une fille forte
Une fille qui lutte avec amour
Pour remplir sa mission
Elle me dit que les hommes enfants
Ne sont pas bons pour moi
Puis elle me tient jusqu'à la glace
Et place des bijoux dans mes yeux

I am love

Et j'ai une petite histoire sur
Ce garçon à l'esprit libre
C'est mon frère, c'est un pionier
Il m'a dit "tu es tout et tout est tien"
Ensemble ils réparent mon coeur brisé
Et en chantant chansons circulaires
Ensemble ils sont ma famille
Et avec eux je suis l’amour

I am love

"Tu es un grand cheval noir", me dit-elle
"Et un petit chevalier te trouvera
Parcourant les rues, parcourant les déserts
Il viendra, car tu es amour"

So I have the story about a strong girl
A girl who struggles with love
To fulfill her mission
She says that the childish men
Are not good for me
Then she draws me to the mirror
And put jewels in my eyes

I am love

And I have a little story about
That free minded boy
He's my brother, he's a pioneer
He told me, "you are everything and everything is yours"
Together they repair my broken heart
And singing Circle Song
Together they are my family
And with them I am love

I am love

"You're a valiant black horse" she said
"And a little knight will find you
Searching the streets, searching the deserts
He will come, for you are love"