Bat For Lashes

Daytona Meth Daytona Meth 5 September 2020


Well this is the first blog written on this wikia and I want it to be special (I guess).

I really don't know what to write here precisely but I will relate how I discovered Bat For Lashes, it was in the year 2017 (Yes, too late) and I remember that it was a night where I was checking the Spotify playlists of the series "The vampire diaries" and I suddenly found the track "Siren Song" and fell in love. It's funny because it was my favorite song until "The Hunger" came out, I loved that track so much that I remember I started writing a book about a mermaid that restores the sense of hearing to a deaf person (I didn't even finish it because really the plot was a bit bad).

I love Natasha's creativity in writing the music, recording the music vid…

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