Perfect as Cats.jpg
Bat For Lashes
Writer(s) Simon Gallup
Robert Smith
Matthieu Hartley
Lol Tolhurst
Producer(s) Natasha Khan
David Kosten
Released 28 October 2008
Length 3:23

"A Forest" is a song originally by The Cure that was covered by Bat For Lashes for Perfect as Cats: A Tribute to The Cure, a charity record released by Manimal Vynil released on 28 October 2008.[1] Sales of the album benefited Invisible Children, a charity that helps the impoverished children of Northern Uganda.

The cover song was made available on Bat For Lashes's MySpace page on 18 August 2008.[2] It was later included as a bonus track on the special edition of Two Suns.[3]

Lyrics[edit | edit source]

Come closer and see
See into the trees
Find the girl
While you can
Come closer and see
See into the dark
Just follow your eyes
Just follow your eyes

I hear her voice
Calling my name
The sound is deep
In the dark
I hear her voice
And start to run
Into the trees
Into the trees

Into the trees

Suddenly I stop
But I know it's too late
I'm lost in a forest
All alone
The girl was never there
It's always the same
I'm running towards nothing
Again and again and again

References[edit | edit source]

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